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Marcie Hronis has been a professional interview coach, for people across the nation, for over 14 years. Marcie’s award-winning system has empowered her clients to confidently navigate and dominate any interview. Marcie has designed a blueprint that will help you create an unstoppable personal brand, highlighting your education, skills and personality.

Group Interview Training

Marcie Hronis has crafted her interview training seminar to leave your audience empowered, motivated and confident.  She will energize your audience, provide a memorable and thought-provoking speech while giving your people a blueprint to follow to create an unstoppable personal brand!


Marcie Hronis works with all types of organizations, designing customized programs that fit the group's unique needs and goals. All attendees will receive personalized training and will go away with new skills, knowledge, and the confidence that will take their interview skills and personal branding to a new level. Marcie’s seminar walks through this process in a way that’s simple, clear and jargon-free.


  • In-person or zoom meetings available 

  • Group size can consist of 2 to 2,000 

  • Cost depends on size and location of seminar

Private Interview Training 
“The Power Hour” 


YOU have all of the credentials necessary to land your dream job, or get into your dream school or win the competition you are in. Here at Marcie Hronis Communications we understand you are more qualified than your competitors. The frustration of being rejected for a job you know you are capable of doing is irritating.  So, why are you not being hired?  We have the answer!!! It is time for you to learn about Marcie's award-winning, revolutionary system that will give you an unstoppable personal brand. 


Individual interview training focuses on simple yet powerful strategies which will empower a person to successfully answer any interview question with a relaxed confidence that showcases their personality, life experiences, and skills. 

Marcie's award-winning, proven system gives a person the ability to navigate an interview with ease. Learning how to steer the interview conversation, painting a picture of who you are, explaining what makes you different and why YOU should be the one hired are some of the things you will master working with Marcie. 


For the untrained person, interviews are extremely intimidating. One study from Michigan State University finds 83% of job seekers feel extremely nervous and fearful before their interviews. Because just practicing interview questions and answers is simply not enough to help a person master an interview. Marcie's proven program enables a person to hit a home run every time they interview! Let us help you turn interviewing into a fun and relaxed experience.

  • In-person and zoom meetings available 

  •  $149 for one hour meeting (traveling expenses not included)

  • $200 for two hour meeting (traveling expenses not included)

Mock Interview training

Once you have completed Marcie's interview training program, you are eligible to take the next step to ensure your success by scheduling your mock interview. 


Option 1 - Mock interview training with Marcie Hronis


Marcie Hronis hosts mock interviews that will closely resemble a real-life interview. She will provide specific feedback on your overall performance; first impression, personality, body language, eye contact, clothing and verbal delivery. This specific feedback is tailored exactly to what it will take to land the job or school of your choice.

  • In-person or zoom mock interview training available 

  • $149 for one hour meeting (traveling expenses not included)


Option 2 - Panel mock interview training 


Marcie’s team of professionals and former mock panel members will provide a practice interview session that will set you up to out-shine and out-perform the rest of the job seeking applicants! 


Mock interview panels are invaluable! You will learn what employers or schools are looking for from their applicants. Marcie’s mock interview panels provide you top notch professional interviewers that will be asking tough questions and then providing valuable critiques that are necessary to become a highly skilled successful interviewee.


  • A limited number of spots are available each month for our panel mock-interviews. Contact Marcie today to schedule your panel mock interview.

  • In-person and zoom panel mock interviews available

  • Price depends on location and number of panelist

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