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Marcie Hronis has been a professional interview and public speaking coach, serving clients across the nation, for over 14 years. Marcie's award-winning system has empowered her clients to confidently navigate and dominate any interview, while her expertise in public speaking equips them to effectively convey their message in various settings. Marcie has designed a blueprint that will help you create an unstoppable personal brand, highlighting your education, skills, and personality. Whether it's excelling in interviews or mastering the art of public speaking, Marcie Hronis Communications is your trusted partner for success.

public speaking training

Public speaking training at Marcie Hronis Communications is designed to help individuals excel in the art of effective communication. Marcie specializes in empowering clients to build their personal brand, define their message, and craft it in a way that resonates with their target audience. With over a decade of experience, Marcie's expertise lies in honing the skills necessary to convey ideas, inspire, and leave a lasting impact. Through tailored coaching and practical techniques, clients learn to communicate with confidence, clarity, and authenticity. Whether you're preparing for a keynote address, a business presentation, or any public speaking engagement, Marcie Hronis Communications equips you with the tools and strategies to become a persuasive and compelling speaker, ensuring your message leaves a lasting impression.​

  • In-person and zoom meetings available 


  • $149 for one hour meeting (traveling expenses not included)


  • $200 for two hour meeting (traveling expenses not included)

Private Interview Training 
“The Power Hour” 


At Marcie Hronis Communications, clients can receive award-winning interview training to develop an unstoppable personal brand. Their individual training sessions focus on powerful strategies to empower clients to answer any interview question with relaxed confidence while showcasing their unique skills, experiences, and personality.


With this proven system, clients can navigate interviews with ease and learn how to steer conversations, paint a clear picture of themselves, and explain why they are the best candidate for the job.

  • In-person and zoom meetings available 


  • $149 for one hour meeting (traveling expenses not included)


  • $200 for two hour meeting (traveling expenses not included)

Interview Training

Marcie Hronis offers customized training seminars that leave attendees feeling empowered, motivated, and confident. With a clear and jargon-free approach, she energizes audiences and provides thought-provoking insights while equipping them with the tools and blueprint to create an unstoppable personal brand.

Her seminars are tailored to each organization's unique needs and goals, ensuring all attendees receive personalized training and walk away with new skills, knowledge, and confidence.

  • Seminars can be conducted in-person or via Zoom

  • groups ranging from 2 to 2,000 attendees

  • Pricing varies based on seminar size and location

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